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Home Product Recall: Fin Oil Heaters

General Notice of Product Recall:

Nevada Mellerware 9 and 11 Fin Oil Heaters

Please be advised that we have identified a potential and serious risk in the market related to certain models of our oil fin heaters.


  1. Mellerware - 35009A – Nevada 9 Fin Oil Heater – batch no. 278-1 0717 88828
  2. Mellerware - 35011A – Nevada 11 Fin Oil Heater – batch no. 278-1 0717 88829

Nature of Risk:

We have received 3 instances where a spot weld on the oil fin has come loose and hot oil has sprayed out the heater damaging consumers’ private property. If the hot oil sprays onto people, children, and pets etc. there is a risk of injury.

Creative Housewares therefore have decided that the product should be recalled from the market to ensure all potentially defective items are identified and removed from the market to prevent further risk of injury or damage. As compensation a voucher to the value of the heater plus R100 will be provided. The voucher can be used to buy any product on the website. Alternatively if the consumer does not accept the voucher, the heater will be collected, inspected and tested and repaired if necessary and returned to the customer.

Should you own one of these heaters you will need to contact Creative Housewares to register the heater for the recall.
Arrangements will then be made for collection and compensation.

Contact Phone Number: 086 111 5006
Contact e-mail Address: help@chwsa.co.za

You will need to provide the following information upon registration:

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Contact Phone Number:
  4. Alternative Contact No.:
  5. Copy of your Proof of Purchase/Receipt:
  6. Model of Heater:
  7. Batch/Traceability No.:
  8. Any other evidence as may be necessary to identify the heater as part of the affected batch.

Arrangements will then be made for collection and on inspection of the heater and after receipt compensation can be arranged.


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